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The vast majority of criminal cases in South Carolina are handled in magistrates’ and municipal courts. Typically, these cases involve minor offenses like traffic tickets or possession of a small amount of marijuana. Unfortunately, many people believe that minor offenses carry minor consequences. They go to court to handle these matters on their own, only to learn too late that the consequences could have a lasting impact on their lives.

At the law firm of David W. Farrell, Attorney at Law, we want you to know that you should not simply walk into magistrates’ or municipal court, pay a fine and then walk out with your hands clean. Most people do not realize that paying a traffic ticket means that you are actually pleading guilty. Doing so could result in everything from points on your license to a criminal record.

We encourage you to contact us before taking action that could affect you for years to come. We offer you the guidance necessary to prevent long-term consequences. We give you honest, straightforward advice, letting you know the legal options available and the effects of each one. We want to give you the knowledge necessary to make a truly informed decision. We represent clients in Columbia, Lexington and throughout South Carolina.

More Than 25 Years of Magistrates’ and Municipal Court Experience

When you choose us to handle your magistrates’ or municipal court case, you will work directly with attorney Farrell. You will benefit from his more than 28 years of experience, including his work as a former South Carolina state prosecutor. He also has in-depth knowledge of local magistrates’ and municipal courts and the judges who preside over them. By putting our experience on your side, you can be confident that your case will be handled correctly the first time and that you will be kept abreast of the status of your case throughout the duration.

Matters commonly handled in magistrates’ and municipal courts include:

In Columbia and throughout South Carolina, the consequences for criminal cases handled in magistrates’ and municipal courts can vary widely. Some may only involve fines, while others may include loss of your drivers’ license or even jail time.

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